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Clothes Fit Over Cloth Diapers 8 Stunning Photo Examples

Generally speaking, Most Clothes Fit Over Cloth Diapers. But, sometimes cloth diapers can tend to be a little bulkier because of the additional padded layers and diaper covers.

When this happens, there are some easy ways to accommodate for the “bubble butt” or “fluffy bum” problem that cloth diapers can be notorious for. Most of them are common sense but we will mention them anyway in hopes of sparking some new ideas.

Fitting Clothes Over Cloth Diapers


Clothes That Accommodate Cloth Diapers

When clothes don’t fit over cloth diapers, one of the easiest things to do is to use baby clothes that fit over cloth diapers. There are so many cute dresses and tunics for little girls. All you really need to do is find a diaper cover that matches the rest of the outfit, put them together and the problem is solved. For boys, you can do the same thing with a matching shirt and diaper combo providing that the weather is warm enough of course.
Clothes Fit Over Cloth Diapers Dresses

Baby Leggings

If the cooler weather is a deterrent from using cloth diapers as a visible part of your baby’s outfit, you can always buy a few pairs of baby leggings. Yes! Just like the ones that women (and men) would sometimes wear in the 80s for aerobics and work out videos. “Baby leggings are actually cuter. They come in various prints and themes for baby boys and girls. They cover the entire leg and they look like pant legs if you match them up correctly with the diaper cover.

If you like baby leggings, be sure to read our Babylegs And Cloth Diapering Go Hand In Hand article.

Toddler Leggings


Another good way to deal with the additional fluffy bum is to size up. If your baby is a 2T, try a 3T or a 4T. The goal is for baby to be comfortable and you don’t want to have the clothing pressed so firmly against their bottom that you actually draw the moisture to the clothing. Leaving a little room to wiggle and stretch can help to avoid that problem.
Cloth Diaper Size Chart


Onesies are one of the best inventions for babies….ever! They help to hold diapers in place and they are comfortable for wearing without anything else at home for playtime or for nap time. For cloth diapers, you can try the “sizing up” method for onesies or you can buy onesie extenders for some additional space. The extenders are simply a fabric panel with standard-sized snaps that work in conjunction with any onesie to extend the length of the crotch area.
Vaccinated Onsies

Harem Pants

If you haven’t heard of Harem Pants, now is the time to look into some. Think of M.C. Hammer in the video “Can’t Touch This”. They look similar to the pants he wore in that video. They come in loose cotton similar to pajama bottoms and there are also dressier versions of the same cut and style. They are loose and baggy at the rear end and they have plenty of wiggle room. M.C. Hammer could have easily worn cloth diapers in his video and no one would have known any better. Haha!
Harem Pants For Cloth Diaper Baby

Custom-Fit Jeans

Custom-fit jeans are another great option. There are several companies out there that literally design their pants to fit cloth diapered babies. The back end is wider and rounder than most of the standard baby pants that are designed for the more trim-fitting disposables.

Just know, that most denim and other woven fabrics are not the most forgiving fabrics when it comes to stretch and comfort. An elastic waistband is also preferred over button tops to avoid any discomfort near the baby’s belly button.
Cloth Diaper Clothing That Fits


Maxaloones are a style that is also specifically designed for cloth diapered babies. Unlike the loose-fitting harem pants, these are more like stretchy pants but designed with a puffier rear end in mind. They are especially unique because these pants come with a waistband and ankle cuffs/bands that roll out as the child grows.

Honestly, you can probably get 2 or 3 years out of these pants because as your baby grows, you simply let out some of the fabric at the waist and the legs to accommodate for growth. The sizes are 3-12 months and 1-5 years. These are a great investment and they come in various colors and prints.

Overalls and Rompers

Overalls and rompers are easy solutions because they are usually roomier by default. Overalls can be adjusted at the straps to allow for more room if there is a lot of overstretch from the extra padded tush. Rompers are usually cotton and stretchy enough to work easily with a cloth diapered rear.
Cloth Diaper Overalls

All Brands Fit A Little Different

Brands vary in size for babies as much as they do for adults. Simply trying different brands can sometimes fix the problem if you are finding it difficult to dress your baby over the cloth diapers. Most moms will start to establish favorite brands that never fail to fit after enough experience.

Also, as mentioned above, buying things in unforgiving fabrics like denim or canvas is not always a good idea unless the next size up fits well and allows for enough room to move around. Trial and error is the best method for figuring out what will work for you and your baby.
Measuring Tape For Fitting Cloth Diaper Clothing

Wool Shorties and Longies

Wool Shorties and longies are other fantastic ideas. They not only make great diaper covers because of their absorbency, but they serve well for dressing baby as well. They are stretchy and forgiving and warm. They come in shorter styles that you would typically use as a diaper covering, but they also have the longer pant styles. There are a rainbow of colors and patterns available from various companies out there. These are guaranteed to fit and look adorable.
Wool Cloth Diaper Covers Woolshorties 2

Thrift Stores and Hand Me Downs

Aside from all of these ideas, you can always try thrift stores or hand me downs from friends and relatives. Some of you may even have a gem in the family that loves to sew and blesses you with some custom-fit bottoms.
Cloth Diaper Thrift Store Clothes

Most Clothes Fit Over Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers will not prevent you from dressing your baby in style and comfort. There are as many options for clothing as there are for cloth diapers. It just takes a little searching and trying. Once you find what works, stick with it and pass that info along to other moms who may be looking for the same solutions.

Have an idea? Let’s hear it.