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What Is The Best Diaper Sprayer?

What Is The Best Diaper Sprayer?

Diaper sprayers are the secret weapons in your cloth diaper arsenal. These weird shower-like contraptions make clean up a breeze. There are so many diaper sprayers on the market. It can be hard to discern the magic sprayer. You don’t want one that will break while you’re trying to clean a midnight slime special. What is the best diaper sprayer?

The best diaper sprayer is one that fits your needs. Some parents are looking for a sprayer that will last through all of their children. Others prefer a budget-friendly option. Our picks for the best diaper sprayers are:

* Aquaus SprayMate & Aquaus 360 Premium Diaper Sprayer for Toilet Bundle
* Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer
* Son Tiy Handheld Bidet Sprayer
* SmarterFresh Diaper Sprayer

What is a cloth diaper sprayer?

Cloth diaper sprayers do all the dirty work of removing stool from your baby’s diapers. Initially, your baby will produce water-soluble stool if you are exclusively breastfeeding them. This mustard colored watery poo easily dissolves into your wash without extra steps. These early poops can stay in baby’s diaper without having to pre-rinse them.

Once your baby starts formula or solids, their poops will no longer be completely water-soluble. At this point, you will need to dump the stool into the toilet before you wash the cloth diapers. Usually, parents do this immediately after every diaper change. These poops don’t have the softer smell of newborn poop in the diaper pail. Accidentally leave these stools in the diaper, and your diaper pail will resurrect the dead.

Diaper sprayers make this chore easy by quickly washing off the poop. It can be done with as little finger contact as possible.

A cloth diaper sprayer is an attachment that fits onto your toilet. This attachment resembles a small hose with a tiny handheld sprayer. Similar to a bidet, the water is siphoned from the clean, potable water before it reaches your toilet bowl. A simple valve is attached to the water pipe and allows you to easily turn on and off the stream of water. Most sprayers come with clips so that you can mount the sprayer to the side of your toilet when not in use.

Is a diaper sprayer necessary?

Is a diaper bag necessary? No. Life is exponentially easier with one though. Once your sweet little one is out of those first few sleepy, breastfed months, the real poop begins. Babies drinking formula or eating solids need the poop removed from their diapers before the used diapers are tossed into the pail or washing machine.

There are parents that swear by the spatula method. A dedicated spatula is kept next to the toilet. When you have a soiled diaper, use the spatula to scrape/ pry off the stool. This is super easy if your baby has consistently solid stools. The stool will easily come off without much pressure. Goopy poops are trickier.

Other parents employ a dunk ‘n swish method. Hold one end of the dirty diaper. Dip the diaper into the toilet bowl and swish it around. This should remove the stool from the diaper. Again, if your baby has creamy poop that is slathered all over the diaper, this will require more effort.

When I decided to cloth diaper, I bought a diaper sprayer before I purchased my first cloth diaper. It was a worthwhile investment. My babies caught stomach bugs as easily as one catches cooties. The sprayer was a lifesaver for those awful diapers. It also made it more palatable for my spouse who would rather throw away the entire diaper if he had to swish anything around.

I found that diaper sprayers are able to get into the nook where the elastic scrunches the leg holes of the diaper. This area notoriously holds onto these little particles. Sprayers have the force to wash out anything that is smeared or stuck in these harder to clean areas.

Sprayers are stellar at getting the fine pieces out of your diaper fabric so the diaper is less likely to stain while it is waiting to be washed. Diaper sprayers cut down on these stains increasing the longevity of your diapers. If you are thinking about selling or donating your cloth diapers after, consider investing in a sprayer to keep them as clean as possible.

Diaper sprayers aren’t “necessary,” but they make the whole process run a bit smoother. Sprayers make cloth diapers are also an easier sell to hesitant spouses and grandmas

What to look for in a diaper sprayer.

If you’ve made it to this question, you’ve probably picked out your baby’s cloth diapers. When you searched for the right cloth diapers for your baby, there were most likely a few characteristics that you judged each contender on. When shopping for a diaper sprayer, you also want the biggest bang for your buck as well as a trusty cleaning companion. No chocolate fingers here!

Here are a few considerations to think about when choosing the best diaper sprayer for you.

Variable Water Pressure

When holding a diaper over the toilet, you want to be able to control the flow of water. Too much and you could send those poop particles flying into the air. Adjustable water pressure is ideal for cleaning diapers without a lot of mess. A bonus is that the adjustable pressure makes it convenient to use your diaper sprayer as a bidet too.


A reasonably priced diaper sprayer may be on your list. With so many things to buy when first starting to cloth diaper, you may want a decent sprayer that fits within your budget.


Your diaper sprayer will be in heavy rotation. Choosing a sprayer that has a warranty will ensure that you won’t have to replace it every few months. To keep your cloth diapering costs low, reliable equipment is a must.

Easy to Use

A sprayer that is intuitive to use is a prerequisite. The whole point of a diaper sprayer is to make your life easier. Not all sprayers are the same. Some have conveniently located knobs. Other sprayers come with their own spray shields.

The Best Diaper Sprayer

sprayer 1

Aquaus SprayMate & Aquaus 360 Premium Diaper Sprayer for Toilet Bundle

The Aquaus 360 Premium Diaper Sprayer Bundle makes it on this list because it is the ultimate package for spraying your cloth diapers. It has a spray shield that sits on your toilet. You can clip your soiled diaper inside the shield and blast away poop without it splashing everywhere. This package even includes the clips and a plastic grabber.

The sprayer itself is solidly constructed and has a 3-year warranty. The sprayer has a brass valve that helps to prevent leaks. The head of the sprayer has 2 different spray plates to customize the pattern of spray. An included spray head extender allows you to keep your hands further away from messes. This is the ultimate spray package if you want a minimal mess. You can read our review of it here.

Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer

If you like the idea of having a spray shield included with your diaper sprayer, the Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer and Splatter Shield bundle is a more budget-friendly option. The Spray Pal Splatter Shield is more compact than the Aquaus Spray Mate and folds to fit in your wet bag. The spray shield even includes a built-in clip.

The sprayer is made of stainless steel for a sturdy build. The company will replace your sprayer if there are any manufacturing defects.


Son Tiy Handheld Bidet Sprayer

The Son Tiy sprayer is a worthwhile investment for parents with multiple babies or small home daycares. It is built to last. Unlike other diaper sprayers that require you to turn off the T-valve at the base of the toilet after every sprayer use, you don’t need to touch this one. It won’t leak or damage the sprayer hose if you leave it on.

The body of the sprayer as well as the trigger cartridge is made out of brass. Your sprayer won’t break easily nor will the trigger stop working. Son Tiy even provides a generous 3-year warranty. The Son Tiy comes at a higher price point than most diaper sprayers, but you will get your money’s worth. A bonus is that it comes in 5 other colors.
sprayer 4

Smarter Fresh Diaper Sprayer

The Smarter Fresh Diaper Sprayer is ideal if you just want to purchase a solid, long-lasting diaper sprayer without any accessories. This diaper sprayer will hold up through rigorous use. It is also very easy on the wallet.

This diaper sprayer is sturdy. It’s constructed out of stainless steel with a brass valve. The brass valve is a heavy-duty feature that allows the sprayer to be used longer than its cheaply made counterparts. In short, no leaking and a lengthy lifecycle. Smarter Fresh even has a lifetime guarantee on their sprayer. This will be the only diaper sprayer you will need to buy.